Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Porcupine Ball Prints

I found these fun balls at Target (near the halloween stuff) and I planned on putting them in my prize bucket.
They are kind of like mini koosh balls, but thicker. But after looking at them for awhile I decided to use them for art instead of as prizes. So I put them in paint.
They made a very cool design when stamped onto the paper!
The kids had a blast using these for art. I'll definitely have to remember these come Fourth of July. They look like fireworks!

One boy used the balls to smear the paint around on his paper.
In the afternoon, when the balls were clean and dry, I made an impromptu game. As I was getting supplies for my room, I noticed the box that holds our paper towels has a piece of cardboard with holes in it. I immediately thought of the little porcupine balls. So I set it up against the wall, put down some tape for the kids to stand behind, and they threw the balls into the holes!

It would be fun to decorate the cardboard or put numbers under the holes so the kids could score points. I'll keep you posted if I decide to do something like that! We also got out different sized buckets and a cup and threw the balls in them.
It was a fun afternoon and the kids have already been asking to play it again some time!

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