Saturday, October 12, 2013

Candy Pumpkin Stamping

Here's a quick activity we did the other day. I put some candy pumpkins in paint,
and the kids stamped with them.
Here's the problem, though. Once in paint, the candy started to dissolve. (Remember the problem with our wreaths?) So after a few minutes, this is what the prints looked like:
I kept adding new ones to the paint so each child could have a chance with a fresh pumpkin. But they had to do it fast! And the orange from the pumpkin turned the white paint orange as well.
But this activity was more about the process than the end product. They really enjoyed it! Most kids just stamped a bunch of circles, but one boy made a bat, a pumpkin and a ghost.
We also used the candy to practice making patterns.

And then, of course, they each got to pick out one to eat. (A clean one, not one from the activity!)

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