Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Monsters, Skeletons and Witches, Oh My!

Here's a cute hand print monster I'm sure you've seen before. I used green paint on the palm and black paint on the fingers. (I didn't paint the thumb at all.)  After the kids made their print, I painted a little green neck.
When it was dry, I cut them out (leaving some space around the neck to add the bolts) and the kids added wiggle eyes and used Sharpies to draw the rest of the face and some scars and stitches.

Then I painted some gray bolts and cut around those when they were dry. This could definitely be done at the same time as the hand print. I don't know why I waited until the end. Also, for the girl monsters, and mine, I painted a white zigzag on the hair.
They turned out really cute!
I printed out a sign that said, "My Little Monsters" and hung them on my door.
This one isn't a craft, but it's a fun thing you can do in the classroom. I brought in a skeleton, named Mr. Bones, and taped him to our bathroom door.
I told the kids he was there to make sure they weren't being silly. Well, when the kids are out of the room or sleeping at nap time, I change him up a bit, so he's the one being silly.

They just love it! Most of them know it's me (I think), but they still get a kick out of seeing Mr. Bones being silly. Tomorrow I need to find a costume to put on him!
I shared this craft last year, but they are so stinkin' cute, I wanted to share a picture of how they turned out this year.
To find out how we made these witch legs, click here!

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Adorable - I will definitely be making the handprint Frankensteins with my class next year, and probably the witch legs, too! How fun!