Monday, August 12, 2013

Making Art with Kool-aid

Today's art project turned out so cool (kool?), I can't wait to share it with you. I brought in some kool-aid packets and dumped them into bowls. The kids used their fingers to sprinkle the powder onto white card stock paper.

Then they used a spray bottle to lightly mist their paper. (NOTE: Spray your paper away from the bowls of powder unless you are done with them. You don't want to dissolve the kool-aid before you sprinkle it on! This may or may not have happened today.)
It was like magic! The colors appeared instantly when the water hit the paper. The kids LOVED it! (And so did I!)
 So beautiful! And the smell! Oh, the smell...

Not all the powder dissolved, so there was an interesting texture.
I made a rainbow. I just couldn't help myself.
I wish I had green, but my grocery store didn't have any. I also didn't try yellow because I thought it would be too light, but now I wish I had.
Did I mention how good this art project smells? Mmmmm...
Also, kool-aid seems to stain your fingers just as badly as food coloring. Just a little bit of a warning for you!

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