Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tropical Sunsets

We made some beautiful sunsets to go with our beach theme. They are similar to our desert sunsets from a couple years ago, but we used more colors this time. First the kids used droppers to add colored water to a coffee filter.
We put scrap paper under the filter to absorb some of the water. After a few minutes, I took the filter off the paper and put them on a plastic table cloth. They dried very quickly this way. Then I used a glue stick to attach them to white construction paper. This made the colors stand out more. I also cut the bottom inch or so off.
I cut them out and made a "sandy" bottom -- basically just cut black paper to look like land that went across the bottom. I also cut out two sizes of palm trees and some "v" birds. The kids glued them onto their sunsets.
My template for my palm tree was some clip art from a greeting card software program I have. I cut them out by hand with a scissors and it was quite a pain, but oh so worth it! I love how they turned out!

I wrote "Just another day in paradise..." on mine (by tracing words I had printed out -- my handwriting isn't that nice!).
They look so beautiful on our wall.

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