Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spinning Top Art

We did a very fun little art project today! We used spinning tops dipped in paint! The kids had a blast and the results were so cool. I wasn't sure if it would work, so I tried it out first while the kids watched. First I used too much paint and the top only spun a couple times. So I spread out the paint with a brush to make it thinner and it worked much better. I got out some more paint colors and more tops so the class could get to work.

Boy, did they LOVE this project!
It kind of reminded me of marble paintings, but this might have been more fun. We had to dip the top in paint after every spin, and often the top would spin off the paper (which is why I put down a tablecloth) and a few times fell onto the floor. Mine would always spin up and off the paper, so I had to keep turning my paper to get the paint in all directions.
The kids had an easier time. Maybe I was spinning it too fast.

Fun, right?


FionaR said...

This looks like a great addition to my art class - where can I find a large set (20) of spinning tops, do you know? TIA!

Betsy said...

The tops were donated to my classroom "prize" bucket by another teacher, so I don't know where she found them. I would try dollar stores, Party City, Oriental Trading and Amazon. Good luck!