Sunday, August 25, 2013

Paper Monkeys

I have one more monkey craft for you! For each child, I drew a circle and an oval-ish shape on a piece of construction paper. The kids cut them out as best they could, but I reminded them it didn't have to be perfect.
Then they picked out 5 pipe cleaners (2 legs, 2 arms and a tail) and showed me where they wanted them on their monkey. I used masking tape to secure them to the back of the body. They used glue to attach the head to the body and then they used scrap paper to cut out bellies, if they wished. And they tried cutting out ears but were having problems so I ended up cutting out those for them. They used big neon wiggle eyes and attached them with glue dots. Finally, they drew in a mouth.
To cover up the unsightly tape on the back,
I just traced and cut out another body part so it would fit perfectly and used double-stick tape to attach it.
Now it's nice and clean for when I send them home. But for the next week or so, they will be hanging on our wall.

They are so fun to look at!

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