Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Friends

Earlier this week we made little friends out of a bunch of hearts. I made the hearts with either heart-shaped hole punches or just a scissors. Then I cut strips of paper (about one inch wide) and folded them accordion-style. The kids got busy putting their valentine people together.
They first glued the arms and legs onto the back of the biggest heart. Then they flipped it over and glued on the hands and feet.
Lastly, they used the smallest hearts to decorate the face.
These little valentine friends turned out pretty cute!
I hung them from the lights, after taking down our dancing snowmen.

And here are the valentines I made my kids. It's the same saying that I used last year ("Blow me a kiss, Valentine!"), but instead of bubble gum I used bubbles.
I got the bubbles from Michaels. It was much cheaper than buying all the gumballs and it felt good not giving them more sugar!

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