Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Valentines

I wanted to show you the valentines I made for the kids in my class. I got the idea from here. As soon as I saw the bubble gum, chocolate kiss, and the words "blow me a kiss," I was hooked. I usually go for a non-candy type valentine (like heart-shaped straws or pinwheels), but I decided to try something different this year. It was a bit more expensive. Actually, a lot more expensive. But I really like them so I'm letting that slide. I bought three bags of gumballs and a pack of cellophane bags from Party City.
I loved the idea of using candy tubes, like my inspiration, but I had to cut costs somewhere. I combined all the gumballs in a big bowl. It turned out quite pretty!
Anyway, I cut about 2 inches or so off the top of the bags, added 6 gumballs to each, and threw in a couple chocolate and caramel kisses.
I used the twister just until I had the ribbon ready. I printed out some cards on my computer and punched a hole on one end.
On the back side, I used my frog stamp (all the kids know I love frogs!) and added a little heart.
Then I tied them on the bag with some curling ribbon.
They may not be as cute as my inspiration, but I like how they turned out. Although, after I bought all the gumballs I saw this, which uses bubbles instead of gum. Oh, how I wish I saw that before! It would have been cheaper and a lot less sugar! Maybe next year...


Carrie said...

Very cute, Betsy!!

Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

So so cute! Your kids are going to LOVE them!