Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Art With Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day! I found this really cool project made with nothing but hearts. I would love to make something like that for myself someday, but I wondered if my kids would be able to do it as well. So first I made a couple simple ones of my own. I cut out a ton of hearts, and I did this by folding the paper and only cutting half a heart because I needed the fold in there anyway. Then I glued down one side of the heart, and continued to go in a circle until I had a "flower."
As cool as that was, I wanted to see what it looked like with the hearts opened further. So I fanned them out

and really liked the result, especially the all-red one.
So I let the kids give it a try and told them they could keep the hearts folded or fan them out. To make it easier I had them put a dot on their paper to be the center of the flower. Then they just had to glue the hearts around the dot. Also, I drew an X on the side of the heart that needed glue so they would all face the same way.
It worked pretty well! A few of the younger ones had trouble, but even without the flower shape, the folded hearts looked cool. Then the kids decorated the rest of the paper with some foam stickers.

This was actually the front of the card they made for their parents. On the inside, I had them make their hand prints into a heart and then used glitter glue to outline it.
I also wanted to show you a couple of the homemade valentines I got from the kids.

Both are made with pretzel sticks. Cute, right?


Sarah said...

You have a Pepper?! Cute!

Betsy said...

Yes, her dad is a chef!