Sunday, February 5, 2012

YAH: Valentine Decor

My Young-at-Heart crafts today all have to do with Valentine's Day. Although there are four separate crafts, they were all simple and done in one day, so I'm sharing them in one post. First up, the easiest:
I've seen a few of these around the web and decided to make my own. I just printed out "all you need is" and "is all you need" with a big gap in the middle. Then I used some red self-adhesive letters (which I already had from a different project) to spell out "love." I put it in a little frame without the glass.
Next up is another easy project. I bought the block-word Love and some red glitter glue.
I was going to try to make stripes, but I knew I'd mess it up so I went with polka dots instead.
I also bought some Xs and Os from Michaels. I decided to cover them with some valentine paper I had in my closet.
I first used some acrylic white paint to cover the sides and backs of the letters.
After deciding which paper to use, I traced a larger version of the letters onto the paper and cut them out. Then I painted on some glue (thinned out a bit with water) and pressed the paper on. When it was dry, I trimmed the paper.
I just leaned them up against the wall. I put my frame next to the letters, added a few other things, and my entrance table was complete.
The only problem now is I get that song stuck in my head every time I see this! I wouldn't mind so much if I knew more words to the song, but those in the frame are the only ones I know!
And finally, I bought some thin wooden hearts. I poked holes in the top of them by hammering a nail in and pulling it out. I'm sure there's a much better way to do this, but it worked fine for me.
I used my red and white acrylic paint to cover both sides of the hearts. I made 4 red and 4 white.
When they were dry, I used more paint to write words on them, like conversation candy hearts. I used red and white ribbon to hang them from the curtain rod in my living room.

All you need is love, love, love....

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nancy said...

I wish I could have you over to my house to decorate for each holiday. You have so much talent!!