Saturday, February 18, 2012

YAH: Silhouette Art

Here's a quick Young-at-Heart post to show you what I made my husband for Valentine's Day. We normally don't exchange gifts, but I wanted to do a little somethin'. We have two cats who are the loves of our lives,
and for awhile now I've wanted to make some sort of silhouette art with them. So I've been taking pictures of their profiles and found two that worked perfectly. I used a greeting card software to make the pictures the right size, then I printed it out (just in black and white), cut it out, flipped it over, positioned the heads just right and traced it on black card stock paper, which I already had on hand.
Then I cut out the heads. I found a floating frame that I bought years ago and never used, so I put the silhouettes in that. My plan was to hang it in our bedroom, which has Victorian red walls. The black against the red looks great!
Of course, I could not get a picture head-on because of the flash, so I apologize for the bad angles.
It took me about 10 minutes and didn't cost me a thing! Our cats do this nose-to-nose thing often, but I can never get a picture of it. So this was the next best thing. Oh, and here is what my husband got me:
Ahh, be still my bamboo heart :)

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