Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rainbow Mobiles

Today I showed the kids how to make a rainbow using a container of water, a mirror and a flashlight. All week we've been talking about how white light is actually a mix of all the colors and when it hits a raindrop, the colors separate. So the fact that I could show them that today was a huge deal. They loved it. Then we made another rainbow craft. First I had the kids paint a small paper plate. They painted the rim red, all the way around in a circle, then orange and so on.
We had also learned that rainbows are actually a full circle, but we can only see half of it from the ground, so this was a great craft to review that.
Once dry, I cut the paper plate in half to make two rainbows. I used a sun hole punch and a raindrop stencil to make a bunch of suns and raindrops to hang from curling ribbon. I used a glue stick to attach the raindrop or sun to one end of the ribbon.
Then I stuck another one on top.
The kids glued on one sun ribbon and up to four raindrop ribbons to the back of one-half of the paper plate.
Then I stapled both halves together to make a two-sided rainbow.
Is any of this making sense? It's really not that complicated, I just feel like I'm not explaining it very well. Anyway, I hung the mobiles from the ceiling and they look so pretty!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I love the added touch of the raindrops and suns. Very cute!

Mama Jodi said...

Very Fun idea. Love the outcome. Jodi @

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that I came across your blog! I love all of your art projects! I work at a daycare and today my class made these! :) thank you so much!!! Love it!

Betsy said...

Awww, I love comments like that! Glad I could help. It's the whole reason why I started this blog.

Candy Girl said...

Thank you for linking this adorable project to the Rainbow Connection!