Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucky Treasure Hunt

We had a little leprechaun sneak into our classroom today! It was during nap time so nobody saw him. But he did leave footprints behind! He came in through the window and onto my desk.
Then he walked on the wall to our sink.
Then on the wall above our art shelf.
And finally left the room through the door. (The leprechaun probably would have walked all over our room if the children had slept longer! But he had to get in and out before anyone saw him.)
The kids were amazed to wake up and find these tiny footprints! But the leprechaun didn't just walk through. He left us a treasure. And clues to find the treasure.
The first clue was taped to my back. I have no idea how the leprechaun did that without me knowing! So there I was, looking all over for the first clue and the kids were screaming, "It's on your back!!" And I was spinning in circles trying to see what was on my back and they were all giggling. So fun! The clues were things like, "Go to the place where you put all your paperwork." Or "These toys are named after Abraham Lincoln." And the last clue, "This is where Miss Betsy keeps her scissors," led us to the treasure!
A bag o' gold, with an X to mark the spot! Ooh, I love Rolos, so I was pretty excited about this!

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