Friday, March 30, 2012

Balloon Stamping

To continue with our circus theme, we painted with little balloons today. They were actually water balloons, so they had a really nice shape to them.
The kids just dipped them in the paint, and then pressed them gently on their paper.
I love the prints left behind!
The kids had fun with it. They were so excited when they found out we were painting with balloons! They filled up most of the paper because they didn't want to stop!

I probably would have gotten better pictures if I had waited for the paint to dry, but I was impatient! I love this next one, with the colors all blended.
We also played a counting pyramid game called Zimbbos.

It went with our circus theme and it was great fine-motor practice!
And another fun little thing we did was play with silly putty. I didn't have any newspaper comics, so the kids just drew their own things on paper with a pencil and pressed the silly putty on that.
It worked just the same and the kids liked stretching and twisting their own creations!
On a final note, if you decide to paint with balloons, be careful when you pop them. Luckily I did it in the garbage can!

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Carrie said...

Oh, so much fun. We may have to give this a try. We have a few balloons floating around from our paper mache eggs and yarn eggs still.