Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Finger-Painted Rainbows

In the afternoons I have a high school student help out in my room. She does a project with the kids about once a week. Today's project was so fun and pretty, I asked her if I could take pictures for my blog. Her name is Ms. Jessica and she gets all the credit for this!
She found a coloring page of a rainbow and put finger paint onto paper plates. The kids could dip their fingers in paint to color their rainbow. Most smeared it on, but some made fingerprints.

The paint was so vibrant and beautiful!
I had to get in on the action and make one myself.
When it was dry, I cut it out and hung it on one of my bulletin boards!
Earlier in the day, I set out a bunch of pom poms and 6 bowls, each a different color.
The kids used a "robotic claw" to pick up each pom pom and put it in the corresponding bowl.

I got the claws many years ago from either Oriental Trading or Party City. I don't remember which one. It was great fine-motor practice and the kids really enjoyed it.
And oh, what a quiet activity that was!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

I am loving all these rainbow crafts this week in Blogland! It makes me feel so cheerful. :) That pom-pom activity is great. I need to find me a claw grabber and try it out with my preschooler.