Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leprechaun Lanterns

Today we made leprechauns! I saw this idea with a leprechaun made from a paper lantern and I thought it was so cute. So we made our own version today. I started with yellow circles for the heads, green hats with a black strip for a buckle, orange strips of paper for the beard, green strips for the arms, and small yellow circles for the hands.
The kids glued the hat to the head and used markers to make adorable faces.
Then they glued the orange strips to the bottom of the face. (I got the idea to make a beard this way from The First Grade Parade.) Some of the kids were able to curl the strips with a pencil, otherwise I did the curling for them. They also added the black strip to the hat and I used gold glitter glue to make a buckle.
Then the kids glued the small yellow circles to the ends of the green strips. Again, some of the kids could fold the strips accordion style, otherwise I did it for them.
Then I made a simple paper lantern and used a glue dot to attach the head and taped on the arms.

They really turned out cute. It was funny to see them all standing in the children's cubbies waiting to go home with them!

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