Friday, March 9, 2012

Handprint Rainbows

I have one more quick rainbow project to share with you. My kids always like painting on their hands, even when they aren't supposed to. So for this project, I let them do everything themselves. They painted stripes on their hands,
and pushed their hands onto the paper.
They needed to push hard to make sure their palms touched the paper. Then they could keep making handprints until the paint wore off.

They really enjoyed this, and it was hardly any work for me! Gotta love that!

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Candy Girl said...

I love these handprints! And I'd love it if you'd link this post and any of your other rainbow activities you'd like to share to the Rainbow Connection

Betsy said...

Thanks for the invite! What a great idea for a linky party!

Candy Girl said...

Thank you for linking up!