Monday, March 5, 2012

Crayon Transfer Art

Before I begin, I want to point out that I finally have a Tippytoe button! I spent most of Saturday working on it, and I have to thank my 2-year-old niece, Emmelia, for being my foot model and her parents for taking a bunch of pictures of her standing on her tippy toes! I've also been moving things around a bit and am working on a new header. (I gotta take advantage of Picnik while I can!) So I hope everything will be done in the next couple of weeks. But now on to the art project.
I discovered by accident this cool way to draw. Several years ago I was writing on the back of a piece of paper that a child had colored with crayon. When I lifted up the paper, I noticed what I had written was now on a different piece of paper, and written in the color of the crayon! Maybe I was the last to know about this crayon transfer thing, but I thought it was so cool. So for art today I colored really hard with crayons on a piece of paper.
We are learning about rainbows this week, so I made a rainbow. You have to press hard when you color. I made about 8 of these, but also left some paper blank for kids to make their own. Then what you do is flip over the paper, put it on top of another piece of paper, and use a pen to write or draw. You should be drawing on the back of the rainbow, and again you need to press hard with the pen for the best results.
When you peel up the paper with the rainbow, you should see what you wrote on the other piece of paper!
(Sorry about the quality of the picture. It didn't show up that well on camera.) And the neat thing is you can use the colored paper over and over again, writing on top of what you already wrote.
You can also just scribble, and it still looks cool!
You don't need to write with a pen. Anything with a point should work, as long as you press down hard enough.
We also made art with rainbow pasta.

You can find out how I made it, or see what the kids made last year, here.

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