Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We made circus clowns today! We started with a paper plate. We used markers to draw in eyes, a mouth and any little decorations we wanted.
Then we glued a big pom pom on for the nose.
I traced the kids' hands on whatever color construction paper they wanted, cut them out and added it to the plate to make hair.
Some kids got really creative and used scrap paper to make hats!

I really (really!) wanted to use a little balloon for the nose, which I saw here, but balloons are not allowed in our center unless they are popped and thrown away after a well-supervised activity. And I did not want to have to pop the clowns' noses, so we used pom poms instead. We used tape to attach the hands and hats because glue does not work well on the ridges of the plates. I hung them on the wall and I added the words, "No clownin' around!' to the display.
Oh, I just love them!

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Melissa said...

I just adore them! So cute and easy to make. Paper plates are so versatile!

Carrie said...

So adorable!! I love them. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!! I hope you will share with us again this week!