Thursday, April 2, 2015

Peeking Bunnies and More

Here are some more of our Easter and Spring crafts that we worked on this week. The first is the peeking bunny.
I've seen this craft many places online, but I wanted each child's to be a little more unique so instead of gluing pre-cut pieces, I had the kids paint their own bunny head and ears by dipping pom poms into paint.
Then they dipped a smaller pom pom into pink paint for the inside of the ears and the nose.
When it was dry, they drew in whiskers, eyes and a mouth. I also hot-glued a jelly bean to the nose. Then they painted their fingers green and made prints for the grass.

So simple, and each one is different. I hung them up with our Easter wreaths.
We also made egg chicks. I did this a few years ago, but this time I had the kids do more of the work themselves. I provided the egg-shaped body and the kids cut out everything else. They could do whatever they wanted to turn their egg into a chick.

Love how unique they are! Our last art project was fork tulips, which I first saw at Kids Play Box. I added a little bit of white paint to different colors and the kids pressed a plastic fork into the paint. They had to roll it back and forth a bit in the paint and again when they made their prints.

Most kids made all their tulips first, then added the stems with a brush, but some made a few tulips, added stems, made more tulips, added more stems, etc... They turned out so beautiful!

This will definitely be a project I do every year from now on. They add so much color to my room!
We also did an alphabet matching activity using plastic eggs. I wrote uppercase letters on the top halves and lowercase letters on the bottom halves. The kids had to match the letters together.
I made it a little easier on them by having the top and bottom be the same color.
Once all 26 eggs were put back together, they got a jelly bean! And the neat part was I was able to use a permanent marker to make the letters, but after the activity I just scribbled over them with a dry erase marker and wiped it clean with a tissue! Now I can easily use the eggs for something else.

Happy Easter!

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