Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Egg Carton Forest Creatures

I saw these adorable animal finger puppets made from egg cartons in the April issue of Family Fun. I knew immediately I wanted to make these with my class. They turned out so cute!
We used the egg cups at the ends of each carton because they made the best faces. I let the kids pick which animal they wanted to make and what colors they wanted their animal to be. First they painted the whole thing one color.

If another color was needed, we waited for the first color to dry completely, then painted the second color. I outlined where the paint needed to go, then the kids filled it in. I cut ears from construction paper that matched the paint they used. We attached them to the back of the rim using mini glue dots.
We put some Elmer's glue into each egg cup and dropped in a wiggle eye, and glued a pom pom on the nose. The kids made a deer,
a raccoon,
a skunk,
and a fox.
I wanted to make an owl, so first I painted it,
then added a paper beak.
I used big wiggle eyes and added feather tufts.
To use it as a puppet, the kids could stick their index finger into the nose part and hold onto it with their thumb and middle finger.

SO CUTE! It works best with animals that have eyes in front instead of on the side of the face. When I first saw these puppets in the magazine, I had planned on making bunnies this way for Easter, but after looking at an egg carton I knew it wouldn't work. So I did it as part of my Earth Day theme, by upcycling egg cartons!

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