Thursday, April 16, 2015

Angry Tornadoes

We had a state-wide tornado drill today so I thought it would be a good idea to share a tornado craft my class made last week.
Way back in February when I was looking for ideas for a Valentine's Day display, I found the perfect one at Life in First Grade. I ended up using her idea for my display, but I also liked the tornado craft her kids did. I changed it up a bit when my kids made them for our weather unit. On their paper I squirted a little bit of black paint and a little bit of white paint and they mixed it together with their fingers.
Once it became a gray color, they continued swirling it around, but also dragged the paint down.

If needed, they'd go back up and drag some more paint down, all the while swirling their fingers.
They also made two arms that extended out from the sides. When it was dry, they glued on wiggle eyes and black fists (heart-shaped pieces cut from black paper). Then they used a Sharpie to draw in angry eyebrows and a mouth.

Some looked mean, some looked funny,
but they all looked cute!

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