Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rockin' Robins

Tweet, tweet, tweet...

We studied birds last week and the kids noticed we have a bunch of robins that hang around our playground. So although robins weren't on my lesson plan originally, I had to add them in. And of course I couldn't resist doing a robin craft. I painted the kids' feet brown and made prints. When they were dry, I cut them out leaving a big "belly" on the inside of the foot. The kids painted glue on this belly and applied crumpled-up orange tissue paper squares to it.
Then they added yellow beaks and brown feet. I decided to make these birds rock stars, so I drew in sunglasses.
I printed out some guitars and microphones for the kids to color and hung them up with the birds. I also made some musical notes.
I had planned on putting the guitars on the birds to make it look like they were playing, but it wasn't working so I just hung them up next to the birds. The microphones were a nice touch, though.
And you can't help but get the song stuck in your head every time you see my door.
Tweet, tweedle-lee-dee!

Fun Fact: Robins are known for their running and stopping behavior.

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