Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunny Card and Easter Wreath

Our Easter crafts are in full swing! Here are the first two:
For the card, I painted the palm and four fingers of each child's hand. Then I separated the first two fingers from the last two fingers (Star Trek style) and made a print on the front of the card.
I got the idea to make a bunny this way from Fun Handprint Art. I also painted a little bit of pink on the ears. This helped cover up any gaps between the fingers.
And I wrote, "Some bunny loves you..." When it was dry the kids wrote, "ME!" on the inside of the card, decorated it and signed their name.
Then they glued neon wiggle eyes and a button nose to their bunny print. They also drew in whiskers and a mouth.
They turned out so cute! I will send them home later this week so the kids can give them to their parents.
We also made Easter/Spring wreaths. I was just planning on cutting the entire middle out of a paper plate, but then I thought it might be cute to have a little bunny peeking out. So I drew a simple bunny shape (with a marshmallow Peep in mind) and cut around that. We used small paper plates. First the kids decorated the bunny with markers, then they scrunched up tissue paper squares and glued them around the plate.

When dry, I added a little bow at the bottom with some ribbon that was donated to our classroom. It was the perfect touch!

I hope to have more Spring and Easter crafts for you later in the week!

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