Monday, May 7, 2012

Magic Nuudle Flowers

So I was walking through Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day and I found this:
They are generic Magic Nuudles and were on clearance for $9.99. (Who would pay $24.99 for these in the first place?) So I snagged the box, which has 1000 pieces. We are learning about gardens this week, so today we made flowers with these Stikits.
They are so easy to use! You can use a sponge, but I just wet a paper towel and put it in a bowl. All you have to do is dab the piece on the paper towel and it sticks to another one!
So easy! And they are biodegradable!

(Sorry, I was having a bit of fun with Picasa's editing!)
You can check out what we made last year with our Magic Nuudles here!

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