Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Gift - Felt Flower Frames

We've spent the past couple of days working on our Mother's Day gifts. And it just so happens that it goes along with our Garden theme as well! I found a pack of felt flower frames at Michaels.
One looks like a star, but could easily pass as a flower. They are really cute and nice quality. They look stitched but are just glued together. They were $7.99 for 16, but when I bought them they were 40% off! So each child decorated one with sequins. I found a pretty pack at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
I set out four different colors for the kids to choose from. They used craft glue and a toothpick to apply them to the frames.

I just love the bright colors of the felt! And they are very thick and durable. I took a picture of each child, printed them out and cut them to fit the frame openings.
The kids also made their own wrapping paper by decorating butcher paper! I put out some plastic bottles and paint and we made flowers, just like we did for our Cherry Blossoms.
The kids loved doing that again and they turned out so pretty!
So after sticking a magnet to the back of the felt frames, I wrapped them up. The paper was a bit crunchy in places because of the paint, but that's fine.
This was only part one of our gift. Tomorrow I will have the second part. It involves K-cups and also goes with our Garden theme!

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Sarah said...

Love it - simple and cute and the decorated wrapping paper is a neat touch!