Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dirt Worm Treats

We made an edible craft today! We are learning about gardens this week, so I posted a sign-up sheet asking parents to bring in ingredients to make dirt worm cups.
We had Oreos, chocolate and vanilla pudding, gummy worms, gum drops (for rocks), and whipped cream and sprinkles just for fun. I never thought of adding rocks to it before. I've seen chocolate rocks in some stores. That would be perfect! And at the last minute I decided to use food coloring to make the whipped cream green (for grass)!
So we started by crushing the oreos with a rolling pin.
Then I put the crumbs into bowls and set out the other ingredients. The kids scooped some oreo crumbs into little cups. Then they added some pudding.
They kept going back and forth like that until they were out of pudding. Then they mixed it all together.

Next they added the worms and gum drops.
Finally, they scooped some whipped cream on top and added sprinkles if they so desired.

Here's the problem. We had Reddi Wip. When I stirred it to make it green, it basically melted and became runny. So I'd definitely recommend using real Cool Whip. I would have asked for that, but I didn't think of the whole grass thing at the time. Now I know.
We put them in the fridge and ate them for afternoon snack.

Was it yummy? Well, just look at these faces and I think you can answer that question!


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Jode said...

What messy, yummy fun! Thanks so much for sharing with the Weekly Kid's Co-Op!