Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rock Star Party!

We had a Rock Star party today! The class earned it by being extra good over the past couple of months. I kept tallies on our white board whenever they worked together nicely as a class and I told them when the tallies got to the end of the board (40 tallies), they could have a party! I had to fudge it a bit because I'll be losing several kids at the end of the school year and I wanted to make sure we had the party before they left. So for the last couple of days they were earning 3-4 tallies a day, whereas before that it was usually only about 3 per week. Oh well!
I sent out invitations so parents would know all about it. The kids could bring their favorite music CD and have crazy hair, funky clothes, wear sunglasses -- whatever made them feel like a rock star!
I should have set my camera to "motion mode" because all the pictures turned out a bit blurry. Oops!
Don't you love that hat? Cracked me up when he walked in the door wearing that this morning! All in all, we had a good time. I did have to sit through a few Justin Bieber songs, but I was also able to dance to some good ol' 80's, thanks to the movies Cars and Shrek!

I also found this old picture on my computer. It's from a Rock Star party years ago at my old center. It was so cute, I couldn't delete it!

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