Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cotton Ball Clouds

We learned about clouds today. I was so hoping to take the kids outside and do some cloud-watching, but it was a very gray day. Plenty of clouds, but no fluffy ones against a blue sky. I hope we'll get a chance to do that later this week. I saw this fun idea on Pinterest from The Techy Teacher about creating things out of "clouds" (cotton balls). I thought it was so cute! I set out cotton balls, glue and blue paper. I encouraged the kids to pull apart the cotton balls and shape them into different things. But I must confess, most kids just glued a bunch of cotton balls on the paper, then decided on the object they saw -- which is totally fine! Either way works. Then I printed out a poem to glue under the cloud. I changed it a bit from my inspiration because I wanted it to rhyme.
If you can't read it, it says, "I thought I saw a __________ when I looked up in the sky. But it was just a cloud gently floating by." If I did it again, I'd leave out the word "a" before the line. A couple times I had to add an "n" to make "an" and once I had to white it out because "a" wasn't needed. (One girl saw Bambie in a cloud!)
Some kids wrote the missing word themselves, for others I wrote it for them. The one above is an airplane. This next one is a boxing kangaroo!
 And this last one is a thingamajigger!
Before doing this craft, I read It's Your Cloud by Joe Troiano.
It's a wonderful story about finding things in the clouds.
I really wish we could have done some cloud-watching today. Did I say that already? It would have been a perfect activity to do before the craft. But since we couldn't, this book was the next best thing.

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Anonymous said...

really cool idea - I LOVE the book tie-ins.