Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve Party Hats

Yep, I'm still here. I bet you think I've had the whole week off, huh? No, I did have to go in for a couple days, but I've also been out of town here and there, plus I had a battle with the stomach flu. But I do have one more craft to share in 2011. We made party hats to ring in the new year! These were made just like our Fourth of July party hats, so check there for complete instructions. What we did differently this time was use a big roll of white paper instead of construction paper. This worked better because the paper was lighter so the strips hung down easier. Also, I could make the hats longer so they fit all the way around the children's heads. So I set out the hats for the kids to decorate and write "Happy New Year."
Then they flipped it over and glued on stars to the strips of paper.
Some kids even decorated the strips of paper. You just have to remember that this needs to be done on the back so when they hang down, you can see them.
Then I stapled the hats to fit the kids' heads. So easy!

Happy New Year!!

**I know many blogs are doing the Best of 2011 thing, but I've only been up and running since April. However, I did take a peek at my stats to find out what my most popular post was and I was shocked at the number! My Firefighter Hand Print craft was viewed 3,921 times (thanks to Pinterest)! That may not seem like a lot to most of you, but in comparison, the runner-up was viewed 323 times. So now you see why I was so shocked!**

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