Saturday, December 17, 2011

Strawberry Santa Hats

We had our classroom holiday party yesterday and I made a very simple snack.
I got the idea from Reading Confetti, but I simplified it by just using whipped cream. (Although the cheesecake version sounds very delicious!) I started by washing my strawberries and cutting them so they had a flat bottom. I also dried them with a paper towel.
Then I took a vanilla wafer and, using a small star tip, I put a dot of whipped cream in the middle. This is to hold the strawberry in place. (I used Cool Whip in a piping bag, not the spray kind!)
Then I put the strawberry on. (Little ones fit better than big ones.)
Then I piped the whipped cream around the strawberry and put one dot on top.
So easy, I tell you! I was worried that the wafers would become soggy, so I ran home on my lunch break and made these just a couple hours before the party. I placed them on a holiday plate and they looked so cute!

You could probably do these without the wafer, but I think it gives the whipped cream a little something extra to hold on to.

And on a separate note:

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
...a little cat in a Christmas tree.
My little Duma sure loves to climb!

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nancy said...

As I am looking at the Calvin is watching too and saying "ho ho ho". Thanks for the idea Bets, now I just have to find strawberries and I have a healthy treat for all the teachers at the boys school!