Sunday, December 11, 2011

YAH: Paper Ornaments

Here is a super easy project that I'm sure you've seen before, but I'll share it anyway. You start by getting some festive scrapbooking paper,
and cut it into strips. I used either 8 or 10 strips per ornament. They can be any length and width you'd like. Use a hole punch to make holes on both ends of each strip.
(Sorry about the bad pictures. These were taken at night.)
Stack them together and add fasteners to the holes.
Carefully spread out the strips until you have a sphere.
I made a bunch of different sizes.
Last year I just put them in a bowl,
but I didn't really like that. This year I decided to take my favorites and hang them from our light above the dining room table.
Better, but still not great. They will stay for now, but I'll probably find a different spot for next year. I do love the two-sided paper, though. I'm glad I went with that.
Another thing I did was hang regular ornaments from my curtain rod in my living room. I just found some ribbon that I liked and tied them on the ornaments.
Then I hung them at different lengths from the curtain rod. I never close those curtains, so they don't get in the way. I love how it looks!

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