Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Torn-Paper Grand Canyons

Today on our road trip, we visited the Grand Canyon! I showed the class beautiful pictures and pointed out the different layers of colors.
(Photo source:
Our art project was so simple, and I actually thought it up that morning as I was looking around our room. (I had planned on the kids doing a painting of the Grand Canyon, but I liked this idea better.) I spied our big bucket of scrap paper and it clicked -- they could tear up paper and glue it on in layers! So that's what they did.
I told them to try to overlap the bottom of each layer with the new layer. I also said they could use any colors they wanted.
When they were done, they colored the sky blue.
I wrote "My Grand Canyon" at the bottom of their papers. It was such a simple craft, but had amazing results!

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