Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Whoville Class Display

I want to share with you another Christmas display I did. This is from a couple years ago. For our holiday party we were planning on singing a Grinch medley, so this display went perfectly with that. (Unfortunately, we had a snow day on the day of our party and another snow day on the day it was rescheduled, so we never got to sing the songs in front of the parents.) Here it is:
Now here is how I did it. At work we had a How the Grinch Stole Christmas coloring book. I scanned in the pages where all the Who's are standing hand in hand (and heart to heart!) and made them bigger. Then each child selected a Who to color. (Cutting them all out was not so fun. They have such skinny little legs and feet!) Then I took a picture of each child pretending to sing. I put their heads on the Who's bodies and glued them back together again on a big sheet of red paper. I added some christmas trees that the kids decorated with sequins and glitter glue. I also made the Grinch and his dog Max listening to the singing and put them above the display. (You can see a little bit of them at the top of the above picture.)
Above it all I wrote in stencil letters, "Fah who for-aze, Dah who dor-aze, Welcome Christmas, Come this way." Here are some close-ups:

As I was taking a picture, one kid's eyes closed accidentally. And when I looked at it on my camera, it really looked like the child was singing! So I had a few kids close their eyes for the picture. I will show you one without a blurred face because it's hard to tell who it is. It even took me a few minutes to figure it out.
See what I mean? Perfect.
I love this display. Maybe because I love the Grinch, but I think it turned out so cute!

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Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

What a fun idea! I love the Grinch too. Just last night we were playing "Mr. Grinch" really loud and laughing with our kids about the words. It is one hilarious song!