Saturday, April 19, 2014

Roly Poly Bunnies

In the past I've made Roly Poly Penguins and Roly Poly Birdies. So it only seemed natural to make Roly Poly Bunnies!
I cut construction paper into 2"x 6" strips, rolled them up and stapled them. Then I stapled two rolls together. The kids picked the color they wanted and drew a face on the top roll.

This was a bit tricky because if they pushed too hard with the marker, the roll would flatten and crease. I told them to stick their fingers inside the roll to have something hard to write on. You could avoid this by letting the kids draw on the faces before you roll them up. I just wanted as much of the prep work to be done beforehand. I also cut out some bunny ears and the kids decorated those before gluing them to the back of the head.
We had some very creative ears, which you'll see in a moment. Instead of feet, which I tried making but they just looked funny, I cut out a little hole in the bottom of the second roll of paper, so the kids could use it like a finger puppet!

And we even drew tails on the back!
It would be cute with little pom poms for the noses and tails, too!

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