Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bunny Tails

Here is a quick bunny craft that would work for many ages.
That's a bunny tushie, in case you couldn't tell. ;0)
I traced a simple bunny pattern onto construction paper. I also traced the ears separately.
I made pastel paint by adding white paint to the other colors. The kids used pom poms to stamp the paint onto their bunny.
They matched up the paint color to their paper color. We just wanted to give the bunnies a "fuzzy" texture.
When the paint was dry, the kids cut the bunnies out all by themselves.
Then they used a glue stick to attach the ears to the head and used white glue to attach a pom pom to the bunny's behind!

I hung them on our door with the phrase, "Leaving winter behind..." (hee, hee!) At least I hope we are leaving winter behind. We had a few nice days, but those darn 30s and 40s keep coming back! Grrr...
It is our school district's spring break, so as you can tell, I have a very small class this week!

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