Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cracked Eggs and Silly Faces

Can you stand another egg craft? This one turned out very cool. The kids used washable markers to color a coffee filter and then they sprayed it with water while it was on top of an egg-shaped piece of construction paper.
I let it sit for awhile so the colors would be absorbed into the construction paper. It left a neat design behind.
Colors that the kids didn't even use showed up and the wrinkles in the coffee filter left some cool lines and edges. When they were dry, the kids cut a zig-zag across the upper half of the egg. I wanted the eggs to appear cracked open.

I had previously taken pictures of each of them making silly faces. I printed them out, cut around their bodies and taped them to the back of the egg so it looked like they were popping out of it.
At first I was just going to toss the top of the egg, but they were very pretty so I decided to keep them.

I hung them in the hall with the title You Crack Me Up!
The yellow and pink letters weren't the best choice to put on a yellow-green wall, but I made the letters years ago for a different version of this bulletin board. (I had the kids tell me jokes to write on their eggs. You can see that here.) I didn't want to make new letters for this one, so yellow and pink it is. For most of the eggs, I put the top of the shell alongside the rest of the egg, but for a couple of them, I put the top shell on the child's head!
It turned out pretty cute. I wish you could see all the silly faces!

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