Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Handsome Roosters

We are talking about farm animals this week and today we learned all about roosters.
I wasn't sure how they would turn out when we started, but I ended up just loving them! I found a rooster template (here) and traced it onto brown and black construction paper. I drew in a few details with a Sharpie and modified it a bit by rounding out the tail.
They looked a little funny, but the kids needed something to attach their hand print to! So first the kids colored their roosters with oil pastels.
Then they glued on their hand print. I had traced their hands with the fingers kind of close together. I didn't want them touching, but I didn't want them completely spread out either. And they got to choose whatever color they wanted.
You could stop right there and be done. The hand print does look like a rooster tail. But I wanted it to be longer and more flowing, so they added strips of colored tissue paper. They just used a little bit of glue on each fingertip and stuck on the tissue paper.

When it was done, the tail seemed to stick out really far,
but once it was hung on the wall and gravity took over, it looked great!

I titled the display, "Handsome Roosters" of course!

Fun Fact: Roosters will always protect their flock, even if it means attacking a much larger animal.

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