Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fluffy Bunnies and Stamped Eggs

Here are a couple Easter/Spring crafts that we did last week. For the bunny, I traced a template onto white construction paper. The kids painted it with puffy paint (Elmer's white glue and shaving cream) that I mixed with fluorescent paint.
Then they glued on a cotton ball for the tail. (It probably would have stuck right to the paint since there is glue in it, but we used more glue just to be sure.)

When they dried, I cut them out and used a glue gun to attach a jelly bean for the nose!

I think the jelly bean nose would be cuter on a front-facing bunny. I'll have to remember that for a craft next year.
We also used bottle caps to make designs on eggs cut from construction paper.

I had shown the kids that they could overlap the circles to get a really cool design!

It was a fun way to paint! And both crafts added a lot of "spring" to our room!

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