Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Porcupine Playdough Art

This week we are learning about nocturnal animals. First up was the porcupine. The kids got a kick out of the words porcupettes (baby porcupines) and prickles (a group of porcupines.) After learning all about them, they went to the playdough center to start their creations. I also put out toothpicks. They had fun creating little porcupines. Some just rolled the playdough into a ball and added the toothpick quills.

Others tried to make more details by making a head, body, tail, and legs.
Another child used the toothpicks to carve out a face. So creative!
They couldn't take these art projects home, so I took a picture of each of them with their porcupine creation.

Fun Fact: Porcupines can't "shoot off" their quills, as once thought. They only get pulled out when stuck on something. They can also grow a new one whenever they lose a quill.

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