Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hawaiian Party

In our classroom we have a jar in which we put marbles whenever the class works together nicely. This could be for cleaning up after centers, sitting quietly during circle time, sharing toys, or any number of things. Once the jar is filled up (around 50 marbles or so), we get to have a party! The kids decide on a theme by coming up with different ideas and then voting. In the past we have had a Rockstar party, Superhero and Princess party, Monster party, Pajama party, and a Sock Hop. This time the kids chose a Luau! They got to dress in Hawaiian clothes or beach attire. I brought in a palm tree for dramatic play. I bought it years ago at Party City to use for my Island Escape theme in the winter. I also put out the sand from our sensory table along with small buckets and shovels. Each child had a chance to play on the tropical island!
(Sorry about the fuzzy faces. I'd rather not show the faces of the students in my class.)

We also did the limbo, had slushy popsicles, and I handed out those little umbrellas for drinks. We made leis and did a little hula dancing. We didn't have time this year, but in the past I've brought in the movie Lilo and Stitch because on the DVD extras there is a hula dancing lesson. The kids wore hula skirts and tried to follow the video. It was just darling!
 Even the boys joined in on the fun!

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