Monday, June 27, 2011


This week I will show you some of the crafts from my Summer Creatures theme. I am not doing this unit this year (my co-teacher did her bug theme instead), but I thought I could still show you my projects.
This dragonfly craft uses another clothespin, but this time it's the round slotted one. The first thing the kids do is draw great big eyes on the top of the clothespin. We used a Sharpie last year.
Then they paint the rest of the clothespin any way they wish. Once that dries, they add the wings. I found this shimmery material on clearance at Michael's many years ago. It came in pink shimmer and kind of a greenish shimmer.
It's for gift bags, but I really liked it because it reminded me of real dragonfly wings -- kind of iridescent. So anyway, I cut out some wing shapes (keeping them long and skinny to prevent them from looking like butterfly wings) and then taped the middle to squish them together more.
Then the kids put a little bit of glue where the tape is and slide it into their clothespin, completing the dragonfly craft.
Ain't she pretty?

Fun Fact: During the time of the dinosaurs, dragonflies were huge, having a wingspan of 28-32 inches! Can you even imagine?

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