Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Flying Bats

Today's nocturnal animal was the bat. We learned all about these amazing mammals. The art project was very simple. I found a bat shape I liked and traced it onto white paper. Then each child colored both sides of the bat.
Then I folded the bat in half, right down the middle of the face and body. And then I folded each wing back. The kids could hold onto the body part, move their arms up and down, and the bats would flap their wings!

On an unrelated side note, if you read this post about our caterpillars, I have an update for you! All five butterflies hatched over the weekend! Luckily, we put sugar water and orange slices in the garden before we left on Friday. We didn't want them to go hungry if they came out when we weren't there! We kept them in the classroom for two days, and then released them on the playground. Two flew out on their own, the other three needed a little help from me. We also released our ladybugs. According to the facts that came with the kit, the butterflies are known to stay in the area in which they are released, so we might see them around our center this week!

Fun Fact: Bats, the only flying mammal, are not blind. They can see, but vision is not their primary sense.

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