Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Handprints

In honor of Flag Day today, my kids made flag handprints. First I painted their right hands with a blue square/rectangle and red stripes. We didn't need white because we used white paper. Obviously, there isn't room for 13 stripes, so I just painted as many as I could fit. I didn't put any paint on the thumb.
Then they pressed their hand down on the paper.
After it dried, I cut it out and glued on either a red or blue popsicle stick for the flag pole. Then the kids used the end of a paint brush handle to paint on the stars with white paint.
OK, so they are more like circles than stars, and there's no way 50 could fit in the blue space, but you get the idea.
I hung them up on our door. It's perfect because I can keep them up through the 4th of July!
I like how the fingerprint stripes give the flag a wavy shape, like it's blowing in the wind.

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