Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Clothespin Grasshoppers

We learned about grasshoppers today. There are so many cute clothespin grasshopper crafts out there, but this is how we made ours. We used green paint and the clothespins I received from
The kids painted the clothespins, which was kind of a messy job because to get all sides, they needed to hold on to it. But they didn't mind getting full of paint!
We used tempera paint, which did chip off a bit when dry, but it wasn't too bad. The next step I did myself because it involved a glue gun. I got the idea to use floral wire for the back legs from Farm Fresh Adventures. I glued the wire inside the "mouth" of the clothespin.

Then the kids shaped the wire into hind legs.
Finally, they added little wiggle eyes using glue dots.
That was all we did!
You could do more by using the wire to make antennae and using construction paper or craft foam to make the wings. But we were keeping it simple today because it was BEAUTIFUL outside and we just wanted to get out and play!

Fun Fact: Grasshoppers have 5 eyes. Two big ones on each side, and 3 smaller ones in the middle.


Rachel@I Heart Crafty Things said...

These are so stinkin adorable!! I LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

Carrie said...

These are so cute!! We will definitely be making these at some point (after we read The Ant and the Grasshopper again).