Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Push-Paint Bugs

We are learning about bugs this week!
This was a two-part project because we had to wait for the paint to dry. After folding a piece of paper in half and then opening it up again, the kids put 3 globs of paint on the paper (near the center). Then they folded the paper in half again and squished the paint all around.
Next they opened their paper back up and were amazed at what they saw!
All the kids were pretty excited about what they created and couldn't wait to turn it into a bug. When it was dry, they used markers to add legs, and anything else they wanted their bug to have, like wings or stingers or stripes.
Then they added two wiggle eyes.

They turned out so cute. It's amazing what kinds of creations you can make with this push-paint method!

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Melissa said...

We love symmetry paintings! Their bugs are so adorable :)