Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother's Day/Teacher Appreciation

Just wanted to show you what we made for Mother's Day this year. I had the kids draw a picture of their moms.
Then I "framed" them by taping them to a slightly bigger piece of colored construction paper. I also asked each child to finish the sentence, "My mom is..." and I wrote their answer on the frame.

Didn't they do a great job? We also made cards. I let the kids paint their own hand any way they wanted.
Then they made the print on the front of a card. I printed out a poem on colored paper. This is the one I used:
Sticky fingers and big wet kisses
Dirty toes and stars with wishes
Splashing through puddles and hugs too tight
Afternoon naps and sleepless nights
I’m getting so big and I’ll soon be grown
So I’ve made this handprint for your very own
Tuck it away and keep it, please
So years from now I can see
How much I’ve changed as time went by
And you can always remember my…

Sticky fingers and big wet kisses
Dirty toes and stars with wishes…
The kids glued the first part of the poem on the front of the card and the last two lines on the inside of the card. Then they decorated it.

I'm not sure what that's a picture of, but it cracked me up when I saw it!

And I wanted to share what I made for my daughter's teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. It was her first week in day care, but I couldn't resist putting something together. It was very simple. I bought some baby food jars and cleaned them out. Then I filled them with M&Ms (plain and pretzel). I made a label that said, "You are a Marvelous and Magnificent teacher! Thanks for being my M&M!"
I got that idea from Mommy's Kitchen. She had a whole poem, but I just used the last part. I also covered the tops with some scrapbook paper.
You could also use mason jars, but I thought the baby food jars were cute, since they are infant teachers.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, and Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all the teachers out there!!

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