Saturday, May 4, 2013

Egg Carton Critters

Here is a cute bug craft my kids made last week. I asked parents to donate egg cartons and I cut them up into 2- and 3-cup pieces. We learned that all insects have three body parts, but I didn't have enough cartons to give all the kids a 3-cupper. I put out markers and cut-up pipe cleaners and the kids designed their own bugs!
For the pulp cartons, the kids used regular Crayola markers. I used a scissors to make holes for the pipe cleaners because it was too hard for the kids to do. The Styrofoam cartons were much easier. The kids were able to stick the pipe cleaners in without any help. However, regular markers didn't work on those, so we used Sharpies.
They all had a blast making their own bugs!

And they turned out pretty darn cute!

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