Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snow Globes {Holiday Class Display}

We made very simple snow globes today. Earlier in the week I took pictures of the kids in all of their winter gear. I told them to pretend they were in a snow globe -- what would they do? As soon as one kid mentioned "throw a snowball," most of the class wanted to do that as well. But there were a few kids who wanted to do something different. So they picked a pose and I snapped their picture. I printed them all out as wallet sizes and then cut out their bodies. Today they colored a snow globe scene on a white circle.
Then I glued it to a base and glued on their picture.
I was originally going to use cotton balls and little pom poms to make the snowballs, but decided to just use white paint mixed with glue and then sprinkle on my Martha Stewart glitter (the same that I used for yesterday's snowmen). I also made some snowflakes on the globe.
Can you see the snowball in his hand? I like this next one. He drew a snowman and a reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh!
This little girl wanted to catch snowflakes on her tongue!
And this next boy wanted to be rolling a big pile of snow to make a snowman.
I put them up in the hallway with the title Season's Greetings (in snow-capped letters) and added one more snow globe:
If you can't read it, it says "and a wish for peace around the globe." I stole that saying from a holiday greeting card I sent out years and years ago. I loved it and it has always stuck with me. And it works perfectly with the snow globes.

I really wish I could get a nice head-on shot, but our hallways are very narrow.
I still have three more kiddos to make one. They were all out sick today. Uh-oh! Hope I don't catch it!